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16th Biennial IAWJ Conference Marrakesh, 11-14 May 2023

We are very happy to invite you to register for the biennial conference of the International Association of Women Judges (IAWJ ) to be held in Marrakesh, Morocco from 11-14 May 2023.  On site registration is on 10 May. 

There is an exciting program planned. The overall theme of the conference is “Women judges: achievements and challenges” with sub themes of trauma and resilience, sisterhood and solidarity and innovation and leadership. 

The conference is hosted by the Union of Moroccan Women Judges with the generous support of the Moroccan Ministry of Justice and the Region of Marrakesh. 

We are very excited that our members will have the opportunity to get together in person after so long where only virtual meetings have been possible. 

The conference venue is the Kenzi Rose Garden Hotel. 

Justice Susan Glazebrook 
President IAWJ 
Hon. Mina Sougrati
Vice President IAWJ, Head of the Union of Moroccan Women Judges


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